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We’ve all been there. Standing at the luggage carousel watching suitcases, bags, rucksacks, strangely-wrapped objects and sundry baggage drift past – but where’s yours! Panic sets in. They re-routed it to Kathmandu and you don’t have any socks! They’ve forgotten to load it on in the first place and it’s still sitting on the tarmac at Gatwick! Well all that might be true sometimes. But making sure you attach our go-faster personalized luggage straps means you’ll be able to identify your luggage at one hundred yards and snatch it off the carousel as it rumbles past. We like to feel that we offer travellers peace of mind in the travelling situation, and that we make their holidays go with a swing. A bit far-fetched? Not a bit of it, you little jet-hopper, you. Without our personalised luggage straps you might still be waiting to go to your posh Aldeburgh holiday cottage there an hour later, unable to identify your luggage from twenty other bits of luggage that look exactly the same, or having yours taken by someone else because they thought it was theirs. No-one is going to swipe luggage that clearly shouts “I’m not yours I belong to that bloke over there in the sombrero!” Want some of that? Come in and get some.

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