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Unique funny novelty Personalized balloons. Create your perfect balloon at Buy Personalized Gifts

If you’ve got the puff, we’ve got the balloons. Hundreds of them. All shapes, sizes and colours. So practice your deep breathing, have a look through our selection of rubbery goodness and prepare to test your lung capacity. You might of course be using an air machine or helium, in which case you won’t be going blue in the face any time soon, but that won’t stop you from blowing up as many as you can cram into your house, or the village hall, or the party venue. What’s more, you can ask us to write things on them because yes, they’re personalised balloons! Yours! Your very own inflated bags of air with your name on. Or someone else’s. They’re fab for celebrations, weddings and parties of course, and for any other occasion you can think of where multicoloured bits of inflated rubber can be popped with pins for laughs. Someone’s fiftieth birthday coming up? Splendid. Toni and Tiger getting married shortly? Perfect. Don’t blow them up too soon of course, because otherwise they will wilt before the big day, becoming limp shadows of their formers selves, but you can still order dozens of them so that you’re ready to spring into action.

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