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Yummers! A whole tub of sweets with a personal message from you

This will stop the arguments over the holidays. Or perhaps it will start some up. Who knows. Anyway we’ve got some fabulous naughtiness here and we think you should buy into it. Here’s presenting our Personal Message Whole Tub of Sweets which you can either label with your own name to keep bonbon bandits at bay, or you can be incredibly generous and label it with someone else’s name. Their own jar of retro sweeties – and only specially privileged people allowed to get even a quivering finger near the opening.

This little jar of novelty jollity is packed to the brim with sweets of yesteryear and yore. Such beauties as cola bottles and sherbet dabs. Liquorice wheels and those wafer paper flying saucers that got stuck in your teeth but tasted divine. This will keep anyone quiet for at least .. ooooh .. an hour? Be warned however that the Personal Message Whole Tub of Sweets, once opened, is like an inflated airbag. You can’t get the lid back on until it’s completely empty. Bear that in mind when someone says “well I’ll just have one, then” because before you know it, there will be wrappers everywhere and the only sound will be that of the entire room chewing noisily.

Personalised Retro Sweet Tub Information

  • This Retro Sweet Jar is a giant sweet shop jar filled with yummy sweets
  • It contains a mixture of Retro Sweets which might include approx 105g Cola Cubes, 105g Dolly Mixtures, 100g Candy Shrimps, 115g Bubble Gums, 75g Fruit Salads, 75g Black Jacks, 43g Flying Saucers, 5 x Drum Stick lollies, 5 x Double Lollies, 3 x Packets of Popping Candy (Space Dust), 2 x Mega Refresher Chew Bars, 2 x WHAM Bars (or 4 of the same if one isn't available), Giant Gobstopper or alternative candy, Rolls of Parma Violets, Rolls of Lovehearts
  • Contents may vary due to sweets available, you may find 1 or 2 things different if this occurs!
  • The plastic Sweet Jar measures approx 28.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 11 cm which is larger than the sweets contents
  • The Retro Sweet Jar is a perfect gift for all ages and occasions
  • Food items are non-returnable. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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