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Like Red Wine? Like White Wine? Either way our Personalised Red or White Wine Decanter will help you serve up a nice glass. A personalised decanter is the perfect gift of any woman in your life; mother, sister, daughter, niece, wife, significant other, or cousin. The decanter is perfect for holding a multitude of things ranging from perfumes, to lotions and even special notes. The decanter is beautifully shaped with a round stopper made out of crystal and its hand made curves exude elegance. Not only is this the perfect gift for the woman of you family, it is also great to give as a wedding gift to a newly married couple. A lot of time blended families, when both the man and the wife are entering their marriage with children from other relationships, they like to use a decanter as a sand holder. What it is the wife will pour in blue sand simultaneously with the husband pouring in red sand that way the families are united as one and nothing will ever be able to separate the families again. It is a great way for the children to get involved with the wedding. In whichever way you decided to use the decanter is it sure to be a hit. And just for a little added bonus there is the option of putting a personalized message on it as well. The personalised short message just makes it more unique and that much more special to the recipient.

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